From wraps to comfort socks: The evolution of socks

From wraps to comfort socks: The evolution of socks

We all wear socks but how many of us know the evolution and how socks became socks, It is a remarkably interesting and curious journey how the ancient form of wraps developed into the modern form of socks.

Let us look back into the timeline and origin of the most comfortable and cozy piece of cloth, to know the history of socks. If we say the oldest of the piece of sock was found in ancient Egypt dated back to the 3rd or 4th century AD. This was made from animal skin, like the leather or animal hair which was used for warmth and protection. The romans also used a type of socks known as β€˜udones’ which was considered as a luxury item and were made from woven fabric or leather. They were wone by the wealthy and the aristocratic class of the time. Over the ages, socks have changed from their basic forms, which were made from animal hides gathered and knotted around the ankles, like the later Greek and Roman carbatinae shoes. Socks were long reserved for the wealthy since they took a long time to make in preindustrial times. The poor covered their feet with basic rags called footwraps. Until the end of the 20th century, Eastern European forces continued to utilize them.

Slowly in the medieval period, socks started to become more common which were typically made from wool or hand knitted. By the 13th century, they started to produce commercially and slowly towards the 16th century machine knit socks. During the 18th century industrial revolution, sock production was also industrialized, a major turn in the sock industry. And by the 19th century, the techniques of sock production became more widespread and common that it led to the mass production of socks.

Over time sock designs were reinvented according to their purpose. Diverse types of materials were introduced like cotton, polyester, and nylon which offers various levels of warmth and durability according to the time and the place. And later, elasticated yarns were found which avoided the ties and garters in the designs.

Later, according to the place, event and time worn, socks started to become a fashion statement. More fashion styles were introduced which had different lengths, materials, patterns, and designs. Rather than serving the purpose, it started to become a part of the styling. They were no longer practical garments but became a fashion statement. It became a part of fashion styling. Even history-themed socks have become a part of the fashion world.

With the rise of sports and athleisure events, specialized socks were introduced according to the sports events. There were socks with extra cushioning, moisture-wicking properties, and arch support. More and more types were invented over time.

Compression socks have been more well-liked lately because of their advantages in enhancing circulation and reducing leg fatigue, particularly among athletes, travelers, and individuals with certain medical conditions. Nowadays, socks are a necessary component of every person's wardrobe, acting as functional, trendy, and practical accessories. To accommodate various tastes and requirements, they are available in an extensive range of styles, lengths, and materials. Separate socks for men and women are available these days for fashion styling. Stylish unisex socks are also available in the market. Try to use the wonderful socks and patterns in your styling and create your own unique fashion statement.
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